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To choose from Variety Stock
BUBU AUTO EXPORT gives you the chance to choose from a big variety of thousands of stock, which is being updated on almost daily basis.
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As per the Standard System of Japan, the vehicles are to be driven on the Left Hand Sides, which means the Driver sits on the Right Hand Side of the Vehicle. In simple, Japan is having mostly the RHD (Right Hand Drive) Cars in use, however both RHD and LHD are allowed to be driven. In some cases, the same vehicle is available in both RHD and LHD configurations. As per the Manufacturing Standard, mainly RHD vehicles are produced in Japan, however many Japanese people and even Companies are importing LHD vehicles, which is mostly done as a prestige. LHD Cars, specially Porsche, Mercedes Benz, G.M and Ferrari are seen as more popular and carries something of a cachet. It is also more expensive than the right-hand-drive version of the same vehicle.

In the stock of BUBU AUTO EXPORT you will also find Luxury Left Hand Drive Cars, a few of which are being specially selected here:


Please do not hesitate to select any of the LHD Car and we will be serving with great pleasure.

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